Graphic Design is the visual communication of a concept or idea intended for usage in print, electronic or other mass media.

Design Serves Industry
Professional design grew out of a need for skilled individuals who could plan messages, products and environments that would appeal to customers. Design precedes the manufacturing or construction process in providing the preparation of plans and instructions that will allow for the accurate production of the design.

Design as Strategy
Design is a strategic tool used to gain market advantage. Products, branding, promotion and business premises are all designed to maximize customer acceptance. Design skillfully bridges technical and marketing requirements to put sizzle into a product, desire into a promtion or confidence in an organization.

Graphic Designers
A designer will develop strategic solutions to a variety of industry needs that balance technical, commercial, environmental, human and aesthetic requirements. Designers bring human and cultural values to business problems, values that sell products and services, educate, entertain and create demand and inspire customer confidence and loyalty.
Designers determine the overall layout and production design of a vast array of printed materials including publications, promotional displays, packaging, and marketing brochures for products and services, logos, signs and signage systems. They also develop materials for Internet Web pages, interactive media, and multimedia projects

Working for Clients and their Customers
Graphic design is a collaborative process between a client and designer, creative or art director which will determine the needs of the client, messages the design should portray, and its appeal to customers or users.

Design and Computers
Graphic designers prepare sketches of layouts by hand or with the aid of a computer to illustrate their vision for the design. It is necessary that designers use specialized computer software packages to help them create layouts and design elements and to program animated graphics.