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Why Consider A Degree In Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is vibrant and exiting as it ever has been. It covers so many different industries, providing artist and designers with opportunities around the globe. AIC College of Design specializes in Graphic Design, Advertising, Illustration, Packaging, Computer Graphics and Web/Digital Design. The industry today requires artists and designers to have a variety of skills ranging from interactive media to print. Graphic designers have to become masterful at any form communication, no matter what media.

AIC's Three-Year Bachelor Degree

AIC's innovative curriculum provides the students with a strong creative background and the business skills necessary to be successful in today's competitive work environment. The curriculum focuses on developing creativity, teamwork, leadership skills and a real world experience. AIC's accelerated three-year bachelor degree program provides the students with internship opportunities, community based practicums and multimedia skills.

Cooperative Education (Co-op) At AIC

AIC partners with local businesses in the greater Cincinnati area to offer students the opportunity to gain real world experiences while they attend college.  

Transferability of Credits

Credits earned at AIC College may not transfer to another educational institution.  Credits earned at another educational institution may not be accepted by AIC College of Design. Credits earned at another educational institution may not be accepted by AIC College of Design, and will be subject to an official transcript review. While credits may transfer to other ICDS schools, you should always contact any educational institution to determine if the institution will accept credits earned at AIC College of Design prior to executing an enrollment contract or agreement.

If you have any questions you may contact the Director of Education at 513.751.1206.

AIC reserves the right to change courses or instructors as needed.

Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design

First Year
DF101 Design Foundations I Form
TP101 Typography I Letterforms
DR101 Drawing I Form
PH101 Photography for Graphic Designers or DS100 Introduction to Digital Software
COM100 Speech

DF102 Design Foundations II Color
TP102 Typography II Textual Organization
DR102 Drawing II
PH102 Photography
SSC100 Student Success Strategies

DS101 Digital Software I
DF103 Design Foundations III
DR103 Drawing III
MKT201 Marketing and Branding
ENG100  Composition

Second Year
DE201 Design I Editorial
TP201 Typography III Advanced
DM201 Design Methodology I Semantics
IS101 Interactive Software I Web Design
MAT100 College Algebra

DE202 Design II Advertising
ID201 Interactive Design I
DM202 Design Methodology II Communications                                      
PHI 100 Philosophy and Ethics
NSE140 Environmental Science

DE203 Design III Packaging
DL201 Digital Lab or MG210 Motion Graphics
SP201 Senior Portfolio I
DM203 Design Methodology III Concept
PSY100 Introduction to Psychology

Third Year
DM301 Design Methodology IV Systems
ID301 Interactive Design II
AL301 Advanced Digital Lab
COM150 Study of Film

DE301 Design IV Identity
SP409 Senior Practicum
DE302 Design V Environmental
DM302 Design Methodology V Information Architecture
ECO150 - Intro to Economics

ST401 Senior Thesis
DL401 Design Lecture Series
COM200 Business Communications